You Will Remember Me

Original title: Tu te souviendras de moi

Edouard, a public figure and retired History teacher, is slowly starting to lose his memory. Accustomed to speaking on all the stands, he must make himself more discreet, even if he believes he still has a lot to say. Also, since no one around him can watch over him, he is placed in the care of Bérénice, a young girl who is a little rebellious and lost. Their meeting will lead Edouard to revisit a passage from his personal history that he had chosen to forget, and Bérénice to find meaning in her life.


Éric Tessier


Rémy Girard
Julie Le Breton
Karelle Tremblay
France Castel
David Boutin


Éric Tessier
François Archambault


Christian Larouche – Christal Films

Official selection

Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020


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